Since it’s start in 1986 the Endowment for Youth Committee (EYC) has been one of the largest organizations on the California Central Coast that remains dedicated to the educational success and advancement of Black/African American youth.

Co-founded by Cliff Lambert and Melvin Richey, the organization provides educational, cultural, social and recreational programs for young African-American men and all other segments of our youth. Now more than thirty years later EYC is adapting to the dynamic youth of today to more accurately address their needs and concerns.

EYC is committed to our youth, to their success, and putting forth all our resources to help them thrive.


In 1986, there was a growing concern for drug trafficking, addiction and related problems that began to be a trend with our youth in our communities across Santa Barbara County. This issue touched communities of color’s youth with deeper impact, especially young African-American men. Taking a stand, community members realized something needed to be done.

“The call to action was a product of a community forum of eastside residents to discuss a proactive approach to minimizing drug trafficking and addiction. A consensus emerged that positive drug prevention rather than punitive intervention was the most viable strategy. Residents agreed that programs providing educational enrichment, cultural affirmation, and safe recreational outlets needed to be established in the community. Their belief was that such programs would provide personal and social incentives for youth that would counteract the lure of drug use and drug trafficking.” - Cliff Lambert, Co-Founder

With the support of Cliff Lambert, Melvin Richey and the Director of Franklin Center, arrangements were made to hold a series of parent meetings. The first meeting was held on October 26, 1986. In attendance along with Detective Tom Miller of the Santa Barbara Police Department, were 36 parents and other community members. After a few meetings, it was decided that we needed to raise the self-esteem of our children and one way to do this was to encourage academic excellence. This agreement formed into the Endowment For Youth Committee (EYC).

“EYC continues today and creates an environment that affords our children an opportunity to grow in all areas, leading productive lives that will ensure a bright and prosperous future.” -Melvin Richey, Co-Founder

With over thirty years of providing resources to help our youth thrive, EYC is still committed to our youth, to their success, and their future.

606 Alamo Pintado Road, Suite 3274,
Solvang, CA 93463
(805)691-9758 — Email: info@E-Y-C.org

a 501(c)(3) organization